Friday, June 12, 2009

Next chapter of Benny Baloney

Hey, folks. This week I've been working on the next chapter of my latest Benny Baloney PI story. Below is this week's installment:


"Okay, Benny - so what do we do next about Red?" asked my private eye business partner (and kid sister) Betty. I scratch my 3-day beard on this poser. "Well kid, she got the drop on me, and it's only 'cause she wanted me to owe her a favor that I'm still here now." I then snap my finger. "But YOU don't owe her no favors - so bend an ear kiddo, 'cause here's what we're gonna do..."

My secretary Trixie is able to open envelopes using only her fingernail. She claims she learned it in secretary school. I'm watching her rip through today's mail as I'm pacing back and forth waiting for word from Betty. "Any calls yet, Trixie?" "Have ya hoid da phone ring, boss? No! Now siddown, shaddap, and take it easy! Ol' Betts is a smart kid! She'll figger dis out!" Trixie says in her Jersey accent.

All this sitting and pacing waiting for Betty to call ain't doin' me a hill o' beans. Trixie's watching me and shaking her head. "Boss, why dontcha go woik on uddah cases? Yer drivin' me nertz wid all yer walkin' around!" She plops down a stack of folders of still active cases and orders, "Here. Look t'ru dese and find a case you can woik on in da meantime!" She's right, of course, so I start sorting.

I find a case to work on, a mobster by the name of Tweets Flappywings, when the phone rings. I grab the phone and yell "Betty!" "Guess again" a female voice coos on the other side. I sneer out "Red". "Yes! And nice try, sending in your sister like that. She's my guest now." "If you do anything...!" "No, Benny - I hold the cards here. I'll be in touch." She then hangs up, and I slam the phone down.


Need I say? To be continued...!

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