Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Upcoming season of "Survivor"

I haven't watched "Survivor" in years, but I might watch this upcoming season, because the teams are divided by race, and I am darn curious on how this will all play out in the public arena and in debates and discussions.

This comic strip, from the site, PVP, captures a problematic aspect of this "Survivor" season that white folks would have. I mean, I can support the Hispanic team since I'm Hispanic, but it would be very problematic for the white folks to support the white team without looking like white supremacists. I think this season of Survivor could be a telling indicator of where we are nowadays in regards to race relations.

If anything -- interesting -- happens during the season, no doubt TiVo is going to be kept VERY busy... much like they were with Janet Jackson's Super Bowl "Bra-ha-ha" wardrobe "malfunction".

And for anyone who doesn't think that this "teams of race" idea is NOT a ratings ploy - well, then you're a level of clueless that hasn't been officially identified yet. ;-)

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