Saturday, November 04, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up 11-4-2006

What amazes me, folks, is that it's already November!!! Soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and eating turkey and so forth! And yes, I'll be eating turkey, because PETA hasn't called to say that they're making their prolife views official. I actually don't expect them to do it at all, much less in the next few weeks.


Crossword puzzles
For some reason, I had quite a few people ask me where I get my crossword puzzles lately. It's because they see me doing them all the time. I get them from the Internet and print them out in a standard 8 1/2 x 11 size, because I have trouble reading those dinky ones that are in newspapers. Anyway, here's some links to the ones I use:

CBS News
Washington Post


John Kerry
What a doofus! Maybe he should have been the one who got "stuck in Iraq!" He may not have thought so, but his initial "joke" did indeed sound like an insult to the troops. He could have read a text of his comments to see that. But he's not a doofus because he botched a joke, he's a doofus because he didn't come out and apologize for his comments right away. Instead, he let this fester for a couple of days as Bush and his buddies in conservative talk radio had a field day with it. It got so bad that even his fellow Dems were telling him to apologize, and he also dropped out of planned appearances with fellow Dems running for office. From what I hear, he still wants to run in '08. Don't think so. Not no more, not after this.

Other election news
The governor's race in Texas still looks like it's going to go Gov. Rick Perry's way. Chris Bell had made some progress, but it looks like it was too little, too late. He didn't start coming around until one guy gave him a whopping donation - and he was a lawyer, no less (which the GOP happily noted). This lack of fundraising capability should say something to the Texas Democrats and how much they're not reaching their fellow Texans. Think, Texas Dems, think! Why aren't you reaching your fellow Texans? Is it because Texas have gotten collectively stupid, or is it more likely that you have gotten collectively clueless and out of touch with your fellow Texans? If it weren't for that last minute whopping donation, Bell would have still been in 4th place like he was before the debates. That should be speaking volumes to you - if only you'd listen.

And speaking of debates, Bell, Carole Keeton Strayhorn, and Kinky Friedman should have had other debates anyway like I told them. They all could have benefitted from the extra exposure, and they could have made Perry look bad by him not showing up. I even e-mailed those other candidates to have other debates, but I didn't hear from any of them. Now those three should see that they should have listened to me! See, this is why you're not leading in the polls, and why you're probably not going to lead when it counts come election day!

Website news
The more observant of you have noticed that the link to my website,, isn't working. Well, I don't know why it's not connecting. I've asked my webspace provider and the guy who designed my webpage, but they can't bring it back up. I guess you might say that - I'm working on it. I'd like it to be back up, you know? After all, this blog's title is "The Blog @", and it'd make sense if there were an "" connected to this blog, eh?

And maybe it's just as well, because I've got other things in the works. Most immediately, I have my comic strip, Along Party Lines, set up as a blog on this very site. When I viewed other web comics, I saw that the set-up in my site isn't set up like it is in other webcomics, so I'm trying this format instead. When I have some strips on it, I'll let you know, and I'll have a link to it from this blog. This should be coming atcha in the coming week or two. I gotta dig out some old strips to put on there, first.

A little further into the future is my superhero story, The Shamrock. I've always wanted to do a superhero story, and I've already got several storyline ideas set up, but doing the art is very time consuming. That's why I now have some artists set up to do the art part of this. I'm also talking to another web designer about making a whole new web page for The Shamrock. I've also set up a MySpace page for her as well, on the advice of one of my artists. Right now, this is still in the planning stage, and my earliest ETA on that site and so forth is in January 2007. I shall be keeping you up on this as well.

The other parts of my website can still be where they're at, so long as I'm able to get the site back up. If my webgeeks are unable to find out why my site won't go back up, then I'll move it to another provider or something. As you can see, having a website is a never-ending work in progress!

Madonna, et al
I'm tired of hearing about celebrities and their self-absorbed lives, aren't you? I just wanted to say that.

Have a great week, folks!

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