Friday, December 08, 2006

Unsolved mystery from "Rudolph"

Airing earlier tonight was that old Christmas TV special, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. I then recalled an old mystery of that show that hadn't been fully resolved. That mystery is this: When Rudolph and the gang were on the Island of Misfit Toys, we could pretty much tell what was 'misfit' about the other toys, but the doll didn't seem to have anything that was 'misfit' about her - at least not outwardly. In an attempt worthy of conspiracy theorists everywhere, I will posit my own theories on this blog entry.

According to the Wikipedia entry linked above, the doll's problem was psychological. In fact, that particular entry linked to a website titled Dolly for Sue. On that website, it mentions that possibly the little girl that had played with her grew up, and she had sat on a shelf abandoned and unloved. Basically then, she was waiting for some other girl to take her and play with her again. At this point, you're no doubt going: "Awwwwwwwwwww......" and leaving it at that.

However, as a dedicated conspiracy theorist, it goes against the grain to simply settle for a solution that is largely emotionally based. No, there has to be something else - something deeper. Think of this: If we accept the theory that the doll had been abandoned by the little girl that had once played with her, then what results from that?

With very little doubt, there are likely feelings of abandonment and isolation. As social creatures, we all need our contacts with others. When we go a considerable length of time without having someone to talk to, some of us will suffer psychological problems - perhaps permanently so. Thus, it is very likely that this doll suffered such problems in her time of isolation.

However, she didn't seem to be suffering any effects when she was shown on the show. Perhaps she benefited from contact with the other toys on the island, and perhaps King Moonracer had an excellent team of toy psychologists on hand to help the toys with their 'misfit' conditions. That would only make sense, when you think about it.

My belief, however, is that the doll had a pre-existing psychological condition that was actually the cause of the abandonment, rather than the abandonment being the cause of her psychological condition. What kind of psychological problems would the doll have? That's where it gets really interesting. Now, what kinds of problems would motivate a little girl enough to abandon a favorite toy?

Perhaps the doll had a split personality much like the character Niki Sanders from the TV show, "Heroes". That is, while the doll's normal personality may be kind and sweet, her alter ego is violent and superhumanly strong. It could also be that the doll had cut out at night and frequented bars and night clubs, and then snuck back in just before the little girl woke up. Yet another possibility is that the doll might have screamed in her sleep, or had other nervous habits. Any one of these theories is a more likely cause for abandonment than the simple explanation that the little girl grew up.

We may never know why that doll was on that island. It's entirely possible that the doll has powerful connections to prevent the truth from ever coming out, which would explain why we don't know for sure even to this day. But even the mightiest among us is not powerful enough to stop the random speculations of conspiracy theorists everywhere.

The truth is out there, folks...


Anonymous said...

What about the bird that swam rather than flew? Did you notice that when he is being "delivered", the elf stops and thinks about whether to hand him an umbrella or not? Then the bird that doesn't fly takes off without the umbrella! This troubles me.

Anonymous said...


Well, if the bird couldn't fly, then this means that the elf only *assumed* that the bird could fly. This, then, would mean that the poor critter plummeted to its death! Let's only hope that it learned how to fly somewhere on the way down....