Monday, February 19, 2007

Foenettic blog entrée

Hi, folks. Sorry that it’s been a week since my last blog entry, but I had some adult responsibilities to deal with. I had a Valentine’s Day entry planned that was nearly done, but I didn’t have a finishing statement for it yet, and I didn’t want to post it until it had one. That entry WILL be posted, though, either tomorrow or Wednesday. However, I shall go ahead and talk about something, just because you good folks have been as patient and understanding as Jet Blue customers (that might be another blog entry later this week, by the way). But this time, there will be a little twist. I shall be writing the words phonetically to see if you can still understand it. Just consider it a little test of reading and writing comprehension. :-)

Did yu heer abowt Britnee Speers? She’z now bauld! Whoo’dathunk that eye’d evur hav moor haeir than hur, eh?

It's uh bit saad that sumwon so yung kin ulreddy bee sew skreued uhp. Shee prety mutch haz it awl: Luhks, muhney, anduh hyoogh interrist uv thuh meedeeyuh. Anjyet, rhathur thaan helpuh hur, thuh fayme seemz to hav herrt hur groueth and devellupment az an induhvidjyuell. How kan aneewun becum ai well-adjyusted induhvidjyuell with thuh kiend uv attenshun that shee offton getts? Andjyett, eye hav trubble feeling sohry for hur, becauz she haz sew much moor than most uv us will evur hav. Eye dohn't envee whut shee haz tu goh throo. Such iz thuh pryce uv fayme, I suppozz. Let'ss juzt hope that shee duzzn't goe down thuh rowd that Anna Nikkole Smith took in hur lyfe.

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