Thursday, July 09, 2009

My take on Sarah Palin's resignation

Okay, I've been asked enough times about my take on Sarah Palin's resignation that I should probably go ahead and give it: I say more power to her.

The left wingers are terrified of her. Why do I say that? Damn, man - the election was so last year, and yet the lefties can't stop checking on her and trashing her when they get the chance. David Letterman's stupid human trick of a Palin joke succeeded in only giving him a temporary ratings boost, but his joke on Palin's 14-year-old daughter was beyond moronic. And yet, he's only the most recent example of the left not being able to turn away from Palin.

Why are the lefties frightened of Palin to the point that they have adopted obsessive/compulsive habits over her? It's because they know - either consciously or subconsciously - of the potential populist power she has. They know if that if she ever got her act together, she can be a genuine threat to their way of doing things. And on top of that, she's very attractive - a "MILF"("Mother I'd Like to F**k"), according to some of the cruder slang terms out there. The lefties act very much like a 4th grade boy who find himself attracted to a girl in his class, but he doesn't know what to make of his feelings, so he hits her.

So far Palin seems to be her own worst enemy, which the lefties can't help but delight in whenever she seems to stumble in the public arena - but their reactions speak volumes of their not-so-secret fear of her. Their reactions are their worst enemy - it is because of the way they react to their fears that Palin is still in the limelight. How many other losing vice presidential candidates do you know of who still get this much attention more than 6 months after the election? Ain't that ironic that she's still in the limelight because of the left's obsession with her?

But let's not forget the right-wingers here. The right wingers blame her for John McCain's loss to Barack Obama, which is stupid beyond belief. What happened was that they mishandled Palin. They had a game-changer in her and didn't know what to do with her. I say a game-changer because to this day the left is STILL keeping tabs on her. Anyway, rather than blame themselves for their own bungling, they blame her instead.

Palin also represents a contrast to how the GOP wants to do things nowadays. Nowadays they are trying to be more "centrist", while Palin does not. Ultimately, I feel that the GOP is a bunch of cowards because of their constant failure to back up what is alleged to be their beliefs. Does the left worry about whether or not they should back up their beliefs? Hell no. At least the left has the courage to state what they believe in - no matter how stupid and wrongheaded it may be.

That actually leads to a question I always wondered: Which is worse - to be right yet cowardly in defending those views, or to be wrong and yet brave enough to stand up for those views? Well, anyway, Palin at least has the courage of her convictions that many in the GOP do not. So she scares the right as well.

And now we have the instance of Palin on her own now - unmoored to an office and its responsibilities. This makes Palin a rogue element - or perhaps a loose cannon. In either case, both the left and the right are watching her very carefully to see what she does next, which is anyone's guess. Perhaps that's how she wants it - them wondering what she plans to do next.

And you know what? A part of me hopes that she gets her act together. I have to admit that the potential she has stirs the mind of what kind of impact she could have once she has an idea of what she wants to do. I also hope that she runs as an independent in 2012. Oh, would that be most fascinating! A Palin, organized and a potent political force, running as an independent. I can't help but feel that such a scenario could only be endlessly entertaining for people like me.

Palin in 2012!


John P. Araujo said...

Hey dude, I love you too, man - but c'mon! If she's so little a threat to the left then why keep her in the public eye - especially with so stupid an act as going after her kids? All this does is keep her in the public eye and to give her a "political martyr" appeal. Remember during the Democratic primary when Hillary got that poll bounce when she answered a question about what it was like running as a female candidate? Remember the sympathy she got from women when she said "It's hard..."?

I truly believe that that's going to also happen for Palin if the left doesn't learn how to control themselves and stop ridiculing her every time she makes a public appearance. Letterman only made that joke about Palin's daughter because he felt safe in doing so, but we all saw Palin work the martyr angle to put pressure on Letterman to eventually apologize - just like Hillary used the martyr angle during the Democratic primary.

We will just have to agree to disagree here, Chief, because I still say that a Palin with her act together will be a force to reckon with - especially if she learns how to work attacks against her in her favor like she ultimately did with Letterman, when he finally got him to apologize for his stupid joke about her daughter. NEVER attack the kids, dammit! Someone of Letterman's experience in the public eye should have known better.

Don't think she didn't learn from this success, man. She didn't get from mayor of Wasilla to governor of Alaska just on her cookie baking skills.

John P. Araujo said...

Don't know how I did it, but I accidentally deleted Joel's response to this blog entry. I am posting his entire response here:


J.P., I love you. But dude, have you listened to her speak as of late? Does she seem at all coherent to you? Really?

"What happened was that they mishandled Palin. They had a game-changer in her and didn't know what to do with her. I say a game-changer because to this day the left is STILL keeping tabs on her."

Nah, man. The reason "the Left" keeps tabs on her is because she's easy pickings. It's shooting fish in a barrel. She's like the first true reality TV political celebrity.

Sure, she's attractive (in a way) and has some sort of appeal to a certain audience. But as a leftist I suppose, I would love to see her at the top of the GOP ticket in 2012. It would drive the Republicans into oblivion. They'd cease to be a serious political party and, maybe at that point, could develop some coherent governing philosophies.

Also, the reason McCain team mishandled her is because she so clearly wasn't ready or capable of running for office on that level. She has little grasp of the issues, and what's more, seems to revel in her ignorance of them. They couldn't get her up to speed if the election was this fall.

I mean, I hate to be harsh here. But certainly the GOP can do better than this. Right? I may not agree with someone like, say, Romney or Crist or even Huckabee, but I can respect their accomplishment and what they bring to the table. Can't say the same for ex-Guv Palin.