Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Man hugging: One woman's perspective

I got a response to my comments about men hugging men. Below is her response, followed by my response to her response.



I am starting to wonder if some men have more than one phobia?

1.) pink
2.) Hugging

I don't see anything wrong with hugging, yes a handshake between coworkers, but a hug when you have not seen your brother in a long time. Or your Father. Or a good friend.


Well, see --you're a woman, and women hug each other all the time. Women kiss each other, even. Heck, they even go to the bathroom together. This is the communal nature of women, and there's nothing wrong with that. Women work in groups with other women, and I sincerely believe that God meant it that way.

But us men, well... we're hunters. We work alone. We like our space. And we get suspicious of men who hug us too long. We especially get suspicious of men who kiss us or go to the bathroom with us. It just ain't done. This is also why we're suspicious of the king dude in the Burger King commercials.

We're just a suspicous sort, in other words. I think God meant for us to have that like women with their communal nature. It must be a Natural Law or something.

And of course, that also means that we save all our special hugs and kisses for the women in our lives. ;-) :-D


Added June 8, 2006:

Another guy:

Wearing pink, hugging other guys.... I am scared to think of what some women will want us to do next!!!


Yep, that's how it starts. Before you know it, we're "metrosexuals". Imagine if our caveman ancestors took up being metrosexuals. They would have never gone hunting! And then where would we be today?

Another woman:

Perhaps they would have still gone hunting, but have been better acessorized.


The only accessories the cavemen should have needed was a spear that can be thrown with reasonable accuracy.

And perhaps a beer, but only after the hunt. One should never drink and spear-chuck -because you might spear the wrong target.

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