Friday, November 10, 2006

A bad example for the kids?

Check out these toys.

Notice that when you squeeze the frog, the fish, or the smiley face, you make their eyes bug out. Now I ask you, is this a good example to be setting for the kids? Doesn't it seem likely that the kids will get the idea to go sqeezing real frogs and fish to make their eyes bug out?

Maybe it's just me.

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JB said...

I think about stuff like that from time to time as well. Fortunately, it's usually "just me". When hugging their parents or friends (or the dog), eyes don't bug out. A child's developing mind realizes that toys are one thing, while living things are another. By the bugged-eyes logic, we'd expect people to make a whistling sound when we squeezed them, courtesy of those little rubber duckies.

That said, I'm sure that one child in a hundred thousand out there actually does think that bugged-eyes on toys implies bugged-eyes on living things.