Monday, April 02, 2007

One more Gore comment

I'll mention one more Gore comment, and then I'll leave it alone (unless Gore does something else).

Someone commented to me that, while Gore may be making "green purchases" to "offset his carbon footprints" made by his energy inefficient house, imagine how many more of his carbon footprints that he would be erasing if he still made those green purchases AND had the energy efficient home that George Bush has. As I said the other day, the example that he'd be setting would bring him an endless amount of praise from the non-biased media. So from Gore's standpoint, this is all win-win. The only sacrifice he'd be making is what he expects the rest of us to do.

However, if even the prophet of global warming can't be bothered to make his own home energy efficient, then why should the rest of us bother? The scandal here is not just that Gore is not setting a good example, but that the members of the media aren't making a bigger deal out of this. The hypocrisy is so thick that you can cut it with a knife - that's how bad it is.

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