Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekened Wrap-up 4-29-2007

Wow! A whole week went just like that! Had a busy week, folks, which is why I hadn't posted anything all week. Well, let's get caught up, shall we?

Democratic presidential candidates debate
I watched for it, and when the day came, I couldn't find it on any of the regular channels. Why wouldn't they air it, I thought? So what I'm commenting on is based on the news reports of the debate. And judging from what I've read, there's very little to nothing that I didn't expect. No one candidate really stood out from the others. One headline even said that the candidates were largely cordial.

And that led to my question of why. Why were they cordial? I'm not saying that they needed to be rude or crass with each other, but they are running to be the president of the United States, not president of the glee club. If your name isn't Hillary or Obama, then you are already working under a handicap, and it is not to your benefit to be cordial to Hill and Obie. And really, these debates are a waste of time. Let's see - the Democratic candidate for office is going to be anti-Bush, he or she will favor tax increases for the rich (which I don't object to, actually), and they'll be pro-choice, pro-Kyoto treaty, will want to pull out of Iraq damn-the-consequences, and they'll favor socialized medicine and other delicacies offered at the Left Wing Food Bar. And then they'll depend on the utter bungling and stupidity of the GOP in order to win - which, given the current state of the GOP, is getting more and more likely to happen.

I had hoped that the Dems would crash and burn in the '06 mid-term elections so that they would realize that they need to change. Instead, the GOP ended up bungling the election so badly that the people voted for the only other main party of our country - which happens to be the Dems. So now the Dems think that the people have given them a mandate, and now they're going to be resistant to change for the foreseeable future. In other words, the Dems are going to stay solidly entrenched in the left wing of the politcal spectrum for several more years. SIGH.

Rap music's day of reckoning coming soon?
This article relates a recent gathering in Chicago over the rap industry's frequent usage of offensive terms of women in their songs. According to the article, over 400 attended, which indicates that the issue brought forth by Don Imus hasn't died out. Bully for those people. I hope they keep this issue on the burner, because it needs to be addressed. And more importantly, keep the pressure on Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to keep addressing this issue instead of waiting for white guys to hoist themselves up by their own petards. Or to see this another way, if the rappers can stop referring to women as "bitches and hos", then it would put pressure on the rest of the men to do so as well. In other words, everyone would be a winner. Maybe the women who usually appear in rap videos can stand up and stop appearing in rap videos until rappers learn to clean up their mouths and their attitudes towards women. I would love to see something like that happen.

Brief recaps of how the local teams are doing. The Texas Rangers are back, and they are back to old form of the starting pitching giving up games. Even with an offense that can produce at least 5 to 6 runs nearly every game, it's a bit difficult to win when the starting pitching gives up about 6 to 7 runs nearly every game. The new manager Ron Washington is going to have the challenge of his career trying to get this bunch to change from its old and established ways.

So far, the Dallas Mavericks ain't lookin' like the top seed in the conference against the lowly Golden State Warriors. I think the Mavs have Nellie-itis, and they need to let him go. He's not their coach anymore, and they don't owe him any loyalty. I think that the Mavs' problem is largely mental, and the sooner they get over it, the sooner they'll get back to their regular selves. Where does a whole team go to for psychological evaluations?

My birthday...
...was on Friday. I just turned 24. Really! Doesn't it look like I'm 24 on my profile pic? Okay, I only act like I'm still 24. I'm actually a little older than that...

give or take a decade...

or two...

Let's move on, shall we...??

Googling "Araujo Arts"

If you go to Google and put "araujo arts" into the search bar (be sure to have the quotation marks), my blog is the first thing that pops up. This is significant because there are people who PAY to have Google pop up their site. Well, there have been enough of you good readers of my blog that Google already registers it for searches for my blog. For that, I have you good folks to thank, so I say wholeheartedly - Thank You. I hope to continue to be worthy of your time and energy that you spend to read my humble little corner of cyberspace. This kinda thing can humble a guy, yanno?

Have a great week, folks!

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