Saturday, August 04, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up 8-4-2007

And now the return of the Weekend Wrap-up!

Mother cuts son's allowance
First off the gates is this story of a woman who is fed up with her son's misbehavior, so she cut his allowance and took away his keys and dragged him off the the local police station so that they could talk some sense into him! So how old is this guy? 17? 18?

Nope. Higher.
23? 24?

Higher still.
30? 35?

Higher still.
No way! 40? 50?

Try 61!

He must be some sort of "trust fund" baby. ;-)

Dating outside your race
I may comment more on the attached article later. I find the topic very interesting. Anyway, read this article and see what you think of it. Then think about your own experiences or of those you know.

I am an ar-teest!
Being an artist apparently means never having to say that you're sorry. ;-)

In what can only be called clueless in this post-9/11 age, an artist in a replica of a submarine based on a 200 year old design, floated too close to the Queen Mary II. No, the Queen Mary is an ocean liner. You're thinking of Queen Elizabeth II, who is the current queen of England. Ha, sorry, I couldn't resist.

Anyway, the poor dumb yutz was hauled away, no doubt to be lectured by his mother, who most likely will cut his allowance.

New chic space suit to come soon
After 40 years, NASA astronauts may get a new look for their "Michelin Man" space suits that they have been wearing since the advent of the space program. This article did not provide any pics, but it said that the new suit would weigh 40 lbs, which sounds like a lot until you hear how much the old suits weigh: 300 lbs! You may wonder how astronauts get around in something so heavy. Think! In space the suit is weightless! However, it is very bulky, and the new suits will help them move around a lot better. I just hope that they don't start decorating them like those NASCAR outfits....

China troubles
What is it with China lately? We've been getting TONS (literally!) of their defective crap! We should send it all back, get refunds, and buy from other countries instead until China straightens out. This will work, because China is going to be hosting the Olympics next year, and they want to avoid bad publicity like the plague. We should be all over this making China bend over backwards to make amends. How often do we get a Communist country to roll over and beg for us? I hope our government has some balls for once to do the right thing. We don't deserve the kind of junk we've been getting, and we shouldn't put up with it. Right now, the candidates for president of both parties should be on this issue like lawyers on ambulances!

Editorial Statement for August 2007: My liberal views
For this month - but not starting today - I'm going to list the views in which I'm a ranting looney lefty liberal. Next month I'll list my views in which I'm a radical right wing nut job. And the month after that, I'll list the views in which I am neither looney liberal or whacko conservative. So during the course of the month, watch for my blog entries in which I have in the title: "Editorial Statement for August 2007: My liberal views", and in that entry, I'll list a view in which I favor the left wing. I thought that this would help you good folks out there to know better how I think, and why.

After that, hopefully you'll see why I can't be totally a liberal or totally a conservative - and why I can't be moderate at all (defined as "being in between the two viewpoints"), because like I say on my profile, I take stands rather than try to find the middle ground. Then maybe you good folks will learn how to define your own views, and you'll see that you are probably a lot more like me than you are like Michael Moore or Rush Limbaugh. By the way, I'd still like to see a Smackdown! match between those two.

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