Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Democratic lawyers say that Florida and Michigan can't be fully restored

The Democratic Rules and Bylaws Committee meets this Saturday to discuss what to do about the delegate situation regarding Florida and Michigan. That is, should half of the delegates count, or all of them? Democratic lawyers say that the rules committee has the authority to seat some of the delegates, but not all of them. I say that they are full of poppycock (what, you were expecting me to say "shit"? I don't use that kind of language here!).

Folks, c'mon! They're lawyers! Lawyers, of all people, know that rules were meant to be broken by them - or at least changed or amended! Thing is, no one - with perhaps the exception of novelists with strange imaginations - could have pictured that a meeting of the Rules and Bylaws Committee would be THE hot national news story at ANY time. And yet, there they sit, with the power to give Hillary Clinton's campaign new life and incentive to fight on, or to doom it.

The Dems are an odd bunch. The idea of superdelegates could have only come from them. And if you read the article, you see that one idea suggests allowing all of the delegates to vote - but that each vote counts as a half vote. How does one "half vote"? The half vote concept sounds like another dumb idea from the Dems that's supposed to be some sort of compromise. With the superdelegates and half vote ideas, it's no wonder that it took a catastrophic collapse by the GOP to finally get them the majority in Congress.

In addition, the absurdity of the Dems' mindless dedication to all things politically correct (part of why the Dems put in those silly changes in the first place) has been rearing its ugly head with this ugly battle between their two remaining nominees. All kinds of reasons for why this is happening have been given, except for the most obvious reason: the way that the Dems have the rules set up plus their mindless dedication to all things PC has all but guaranteed that this sort of problem would rise up eventually.

And now, trying to follow the rules as they set them up is going to cause distraction and unwanted attention, so they would rather end this now than to allow the rules to play out like it's supposed to. I say that this needs to play out, so that the Dems themselves can see how stupid they look right now. That is the only way that they'll be motivated to change. If this indeed works out that way, it'll be a miracle. However, I lost faith in political parties a long time ago, so I don't see those changes happening even if they play this out the way it's supposed to go, because politicians are good at lying, even to themselves.

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