Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Notes on the Journey to Nerdville: FaceBook

I am on FaceBook, and have been since January. I joined largely as part of my workplace's effort to learn new computer skills. I find it very interesting. I have come across people that I haven't seen in years. For the greater part of it, that's a good thing. ;-)

However, I came across one way that it can be very helpful, and it was also a demonstration of the power of the Internet. Way back in January, I had created a FaceBook group for former staff members of the university's newspaper. From January until this past Saturday, the membership total had sat at 14. Then on Sunday, I got an e-mail from one of my former editors, and for whom I had not seen or heard from for about 8 years. I invited him to join my group, and I also asked him to invite others if he knew of any.

In just this week, the membership has gone from 14 to 54. AND, there's still another 30+ still to reply! This one person made that much of a difference. I should have known, because this guy was a popular and well-liked staffer. Also, however, have been some fairly recent graduates whom I had never met. I had hoped that joining this FaceBook group would become something of a tradition after graduation. Maybe that is now finally happening.

Anyway, this has been an interesting experience, and on Monday, I'll let you know what the membership total has gone up to.

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