Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gas prices and blog news

Below are a couple of pictures I took while testing out my new cellphone. The Santa one is a t-shirt in a local store. The other pic is to show that gas actually went under $2 a gallon here. Wow.

Now for some blog news: Gang o' mine, I am going to take a short respite. I got real-life stuff to take care of, an' me writin' fangers is gettin' tired. I'll be back on Sunday the 17th.

In the meantime, enjoy my buddy Joel's blog. I certainly do! :-)

See you in a week!


blackink said...

Wow, man I know the feeling. I'm still in recovery. Enjoy your week off and look forward to reading you again soon.

And why foist me upon your unsuspecting public? Clearly, you care not for their well-being. But thanks for the link. ;)

John P. Araujo said...

Hey, dude. I'm foisting you on my unsuspecting public because I respect you both as my editor back in the day, and as a fellow blogger. Sure we have our differences, but hell, I have that a lot with a lot of people that I call friends! What kind of ego would I have if I only hung with people who agreed with me? Maybe that of a certain outgoing president? ;-) (badaBOOM!)

Anyway, I just need a breather, and I'll be back before you can say "bounced out of the BCS". Just be nice to my readers! :-D