Friday, November 07, 2008

TCU falls to Utah, dooming BCS chances

As I was in the process of noticing that fellow blogger Joel had posted rather lightly yesterday, I watched in horror as my local university, TCU, lost to its conference foe Utah. Thus, its hope for a shot at the BCS is dashed for another season. See, if we were USC or some other BCS school, we'd still have a shot even with two losses, but non-BCS schools have to be abso-freakin-lutely perfect just to get a look in our direction. I wanted to wax eloquently about the heartbreaking loss, and I wanted to describe the agonies of defeat and such, but despite all that, only one word comes to mind:



blackink said...

I woke up this morning still PO'ed about that debacle in Utah.

But, ultimately, I think TCU saved itself from embarrassment in a BCS game. I hate to say that but, you know, scoring 10 points against the Utes just ain't gonna get it done. Think they'd be able to score against Florida, for example?


John P. Araujo said...

I totally agree dude, and I was also PO'ed this morning! First, let me say here that wins and losses are team efforts, and TCU lost through collective ineptitude on both sides of the ball. That being said...

DAMN! We needed to make just one of those two missed field goals in the 4th quarter! That's what kills me! See, good teams find ways to get the scores they need, even when they are having bad games. TCU didn't come through when they needed to, so maybe they didn't deserve to win.

I'll still probably go to the last home game, but I won't be a happy camper.

blackink said...

I'll agree with you, in theory, that games are won and lost collectively. But I also know better than that.

TCU's defense played well enough to win last night. The offense and, uh, the kicker failed them. Sure, the D could have made one more stop. But, overall, they did their job throughout the game. Holding the nation's 10th-ranked team to 6 points in 59 minutes on their home field is pretty good, no?