Sunday, September 02, 2007

My second liberal view: Corporate greed

I'm finally getting to the second liberal view that I had been meaning to get back to for quite a few days. That is the many instances of CEOs and other corporate bigshots who give themselves whopping raises while cutting salaries of their employees, if not shipping their jobs overseas and laying their employees off. First, I understand that these companies are private businesses and that they can do what they want, including indulging in sickening examples of avarice.

However, it's more than just a touch of chutzpah to rake in all that money while telling your employees that the company will need to make cutbacks by cutting their pay or their jobs. It's also bad when companies then complain about the lack of company loyalty. Loyalty works both ways. I tried to find a website that posted such examples, but I didn't find one in my initial search, which is one reason why it took me so long to make this second post. If there is such a website out there, then they need to make themselves more visible. I can't believe that some liberal out there hasn't thought to do this already. If and when I find such a site, I'll post a link here.

What I should have done is look for the stories that provided examples of what I'm talking about and linked them here. I'll do that later so that I can make a more thorough post on this topic. But the examples that I had come across before would make you sick to your stomach. The solution to dealing with something like is NOT government intervention, but rather public exposure. The press, in other words, needs to put the word out on such examples of runaway greed. And a prominent website needs to make itself known as a reference for such examples. Maybe I'll do this myself. Hm......

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