Monday, January 07, 2008

Hillary video

Check out this video of Hillary almost breaking down describing the pressures of campaigning: Hillary

Now, is it me, or do you also get a feeling that Hillary is telling us, "I could do so much if you just weren't so stupid. It's so obvious that I am the one who should be your candidate, and it hurts so much that you can't see that. And yet, I'll be a trooper and hold out hope that you will come to your senses."

I want to say this: I am perfectly willing to vote for a female candidate - just not Hillary Clinton. She goes from tough to weepy and back far too much and too easily for my taste. Hillary wants so badly to take advantage of being a female candidate, but she's going about it in wrong ways doing more harm than good. If the other Dem candidates would stop trying to be so chivalrous to her, they would have already blown her out of the water. At some point, though, they're going to have to decide how much they want to be the candidate and stop being so nice to Hillary just because she's a girl.

Someone had to be the first female candidate, and it's Hillary Clinton, but unfortunately, she is making it difficult for the next female candidate to be taken seriously. She is making quite a hill to climb for the next female candidate, and the higher that hill gets, it means that the next female candidate has to be that much better and impressive to overcome that hill. Hopefully Hillary will get the hang of being a female candidate before she makes a hill that is virtually insurmountable for the next female candidate.

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