Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McCain, Clinton win Florida

The results are in, and it's John McCain by percentage points. While there are still other candidates, it's now becoming a race between two candidates for both parties. On GOP side, it's McCain and Mitt Romney, while on the Democratic side, it's Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. On the GOP side, they're trying to claim who is the true conservative candidate, while on the Dem side, each candidate is trying to have the more historical candidacy.

Hillary's win was largely an empty one, because the Democratic party didn't allow any delegates as punishment for moving up their primary date. I find this humorously ironic, as the Dems were crying foul in 2000 over the elections results between Bush and Gore. At that time, the term "disenfranchised voter" had been coined by the Dems. Well, here we are a few years later, and the Dems ended up disenfranchising the whole freakin' state!

Coming up tonight is the debate between the GOP candidates, followed by the Dems tomorrow. Since John Edwards is said to be bowing out, that will leave just Barack and Hillary, and I betcha that their debate will be worthy of professional wrestling! Given their recent contentiousness, it should shape up to be worth watching.

And last, here's an editorial cartoon by Sean Delonas:

No doubt Sean is going to get grief for this, largely because he's picking on two liberal icons. However, notice how he drew Ted Kennedy. Intoxicated, with pants down, and boxers that have hearts on them. That's a fairly common depiction of him in edtoons. When I had ol' Tedster in one of my edtoons, I drew him the same way.

The edtoon above, by the way, makes reference to Kennedy's infamous incident at Chappaquiddick.

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