Saturday, February 02, 2008

Videos of intelligent animals and such

Since "No Goofy Stuff" month is over, it's time to get back to goofy stuff! First, some videos:

Now on to other news: I watched the Democratic debates between the last two candidates of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, hoping that there would be kicking, screaming, slapping, hair-pulling, and fisticuffs - all metaphorically speaking, of course. But nope, it didn't happen. Instead, they were downright civil with each other. Man, what a letdown. Not only that, I don't think the questioners pressed them enough. I hope the next debate between them does better than this one. What a letdown!

In the meantime, the Super Bowl is coming tomorrow. Yawn. Let's see: the Patriots will win - pretty much that's it. Like most of the country, I'll be tuning in mainly for the commercials.

Of more interest is Tuesday, or as it is known in the politcial world, Super Tuesday, because a lot of primaries are going on at the same time on that day, and we'll have a better feel for which candidate is going to be nominated for their respective parties.

More goofy stuff to come later in the month, folks!

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