Monday, February 18, 2008

Campaign notes - Who needs Che?

While Barack, Hillary, John, and Mike have been out stumping for their respective campaigns, I have made a new campaign poster. It's based on this well-known image of Che Guevara:

Che was a Communist, but I'm an American! What I mean is this: The nature of Communism is to believe in the state, which comes at the expense of the individual. However, I believe in the power of the individual over the state. While communists and Communism claim to be a "workers' party", it actually serves the state - the infamous "Big Brother" of George Orwell's 1984. I, however, plan to be a "man of the people" instead of a Big Brother. I will actually be helping the little guy rather than the almighty State.

I intend to be an "old school" Democrat the way the Democrats used to be, instead of the special interests and big money servant that they are now. I guess this would make me a "regressive" rather than a "progressive", because if what the Dems advocate now is progress, then leave me out of it. I'd rather regress to what they used to be.

Over the weekend, someone asked me if I was serious about running for president. I said: "It depends. Let's put it this way. William Tecumseh Sherman once said, 'If nominated, I will not accept; if drafted, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.' However, I say this: 'If nominated, I will accept; if drafted, I will run; if elected, I will serve'".

What I mean is, if there indeed arises a groundswell of desire for me to run, then I'll see what I can do to actually run for office. What a message it would send to politicians for the American voter to give me any votes, much less enough for the pols to take notice.

So, while I was initially kidding about running, I also decided that if enough people actually want me to run, then who am I to deny the will of the people? Even so, I still don't anticipate getting any sort of following - but I'll be open to the possibility just in case. It's up to you, folks.

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