Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama surges on; Araujo makes progress

Yesterday's primaries have come and gone, and Barack Obama surges on. (Hey, that rhymes!) If Hillary wasn't sweating before, she should be now. After all, this was supposed to be "her time". Obama, though, is not making things easy for her, and she doesn't help herself at times, either.

There's been statements made (usually said by Hillary supporters. I wonder why?) that we shouldn't judge them by personalities, but rather on their stands on issues. However, they are both liberal Democrats with very little differing between them, so the only thing left over IS their personalities. Given that they are both very pro-choice, neither of them are getting my vote anyway, but let me help some of the Dem supporters who are still wondering what they should do.

Voting for Hillary Clinton
* She's had some experience as First Lady in Arkansas and in D.C., and as a Senator
* She's female, which is likely to get a lot of women voting for her based solely on that
* She's a good role model of a strong, independent woman

* She's every bit the glory-grabbing politican as her husband was, but without the charm. She's also inept at hiding the fact that she's a glory-grabbing politican, making silly and foolish blunders that less experienced pols wouldn't make.
* She's got "baggage" from the White House years, which her opponents are likely to exploit the entire time that she is in office.
* There is a big difference experience-wise between being First Lady (both at the state and federal level), and being Governor or President.

Voting for Barack Obama
* He's young, charming, and handsome, and easy to like
* Unlike Hillary with gender, he isn't using being black as a club to hit others over the head with
* He's got the endorsement of many prominent celebrities and politicians

* He's woefully inexperienced. One criticism of George W. Bush is that he had all kinds of handlers helping him in office - with Obama, it will be even worse.
* His voting track record is very largely "Present". The Oval Office needs a decision maker, and not just a seat warmer.
* If he doesn't live up to the hype, he may become a one-term president - thus helping the GOP in the process.

And while all this is going on, the "veepstakes" have already begun. Despite the difficulties that would come with one being the VP candidate of the other, I think Barack and Hillary should do just that. If it's historical for either of them to be a presidential candidate, why not go with a "double whammy" ticket of TWO historical candidates? Granted, if either or both of them get nasty with each other from this point until one of them is officially made the candidate, then it could cause problems for the one to reach out to the other. But still, I think they should swallow their pride and run with it.

On the GOP side, one name came up, and I think that the GOP should go with it: Kay Bailey Hutchison. If Hillary becomes the nominee, then for sure the GOP should go with Hutchison. I think an even more ideal selection would be Dr. Condoleezza Rice, but Dr. Rice has said before that she is not interested in running. If the GOP goes with another white guy for the VP, then they'll end up making things more difficult for themselves, especially if the Dems go with a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket.

As for my own campaign, I was also busy this weekend. Was I out shaking hands and kissing babies? Nope. Was I out meeting and greeting with folks in various parts of the country? Not quite. Was I out schmoozing with celebrities for dough? Hah!

Nope, none of the above, amigo. Instead, I was making an official Facebook page for my campaign! (Note: You have to be on Facebook in order to see the page).

If you are on Facebook, join my campaign! Just so that you know, being a member of my Facebook campaign does not mean that you have to vote for me. BUT - if a regular Joe Schmo such as myself can get a lot of members, then just maybe the other candidates for office will take note on how willing that you all would go with a good candidate if one became available!

I share one similarity with Ron Paul in that I am a message candidate, and my message is this: The politicians don't run the country, we do. And if enough of you get me to the Oval Office, then the big shots and the big boys can't help but take notice. It's time for us to make the alleged "powers that be" lose bladder control! What say ye? Wanna make a rich guy wet his pants? :-D

Also over the weekend, I've been working on campaign slogans. Let me know what you think of the following:

* The Ultimate Grassroots Candidate (current campaign slogan)
* The Ultimate Write-In Candidate
* The Man of the People!
* Don't Tase me, Bro! ("Bro" in this instance, being "Big Brother" of George Orwell fame)

And so my campaign continues!

Vote for Araujo in '08!

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