Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Notes: Campaign and otherwise

First, just to let you know, I will have a busy rest-of-the-week, so I won't be posting again until probably Sunday. I might be able to post Saturday, and you'll see it if I do. Otherwise, it'll be Sunday. Now on to campaign notes.

Even though Barack Obama has momentum going, I still think that Hillary Clinton will do something to gain the nomination. I can't see her giving up. At all. I think that this will go down in her favor one way or another. I say this even if Obama wins Ohio and Texas in early March. Somehow, someway, she'll pull something that swings things in her favor, whether it's calling in favors, threatening blackmail, getting superdelegates on her side, showing more cleavage, whatever it takes. I just can't see her stepping aside even for Obama. Mark my words, folks - this will come down in her favor eventually, and it may have to get ugly before it does.

As for the GOP, Mike Huckabee is hangin' in there, even though everyone and Mitt Romney's mother has endorsed John McCain. I give Huckster credit for hanging in there, because he is making the GOP a show to watch as well. The Obama/Clinton show is still by far the more interesting show, but Huck is helping to at least keep one eyeball glued to the one TV that is keeping up with the GOP campaigns.

And I still don't like any of the candidates other than myself. So far, I like what I've said, and I've agreed pretty much with the views that I have put out. I've even made myself laugh with my humor, and the Che Guevara poster was a hoot! But even with all that, my odds are pretty heavily against me. I'm just watching now to see what other candidate I'll endorse before making my decision on who to vote for.

One last, non-political note: I'm glad that the Jason Kidd trade finally went down. Now all he has to do is help us get a championship. We won't take any less.

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