Monday, February 11, 2008

Araujo '08 campaign promises

I type this again in a restaurant that has free Wi-Fi. That made me think of one campaign promise that I can make: Free Wi-fi. As your president, I will do everything within my power to give the nation free Wi-Fi.

I'd also look into getting a computer in every household. I feel that the more households with computers that we have, the better connected we can all be. Then we can all do a better job of keeping our alleged public servant politicians on their toes, so that we have just as much access to them as their big-money corporations and special interest groups that they are whoring themselves for.

I'd also insist on total transparency for politicians as to who is funding their campaigns. Those pols, corporations, and special interest groups who are abusing their power will be subjected to monstrous fines that will go towards funding the program that I will have to provide computers to all households. Understand that I'm not opposed to corporations and special interest groups donating to campaigns, but I will be mindful of abuses, and will be just as quick to pounce on violators.

For instance, last year Gov. Rick Perry of Texas had suddenly - out of the blue - required that all school-aged girls be vaccinated with Gardasil. No legislature or court order brought this about - it came just from him. Gov. Perry was so obviously whoring for Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil, that Merck had to make a public statement about it. But still, this was a more obvious example of a politician whoring for a corporation or a special interest group - there are other pols out there doing the same thing, they're just better at hiding it than Governor Gardasil - er, I mean Rick Perry was.

Perry and Merck are examples of a pol and corporation that I would slap my whopping fines on. I'd make a public show of hanging their asses out to dry. That's what I'd do as your president. Vote for me so that we can get it done!

More to come. :-)

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