Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Election news

Sorry I've been slow in posting, but I am still teaching a blogging class at this time. There is one class tonight, and the last one is next week. More on that at another time. Let's go ahead and hit one news item on the election.

Dr. Condolezza Rice once again denied rumors that she is interested in the VP nod from John McCain (who has not even publicly listed potential candidate). The articles I came across, though, said that she "left the door ajar" - suggesting that she might be interested if circumstances play out in the right way. I think that she would almost have to join McCain, or that he would have to at least select another woman or a male minority candidate, because otherwise the Dems are going to go non-stop with either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton being the "first black/female candidate" while pointing out that the GOP once again has "two white guys" on their ticket.

McCain has nothing but the election to lose and everything to gain by encouraging Dr. Rice to join the ticket. And what a historical moment that would be to have a black or female candidate on one ticket, and then a black AND female candidate on the other ticket. If Dr. Rice is indeed on the ticket, then it might make it that much more important for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to consider sharing the ticket. What's that saying about politics making strange bedfellows? I think it would have to apply here.

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