Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania primaries are today!

Today is the primaries for the state of Pennsylvania! Go out and vote. Vote early and vote often!

My hope is that Hillary Clinton wins, so that this contentious primary season can continue. While she is behind in the delegate count, she is not behind by much. She's given a very small chance of winning the nomination, but this is probably her only shot at this. I think she should see this out all the way to the party's national convention, if need be.

Hopefully by that time, the Democrats will see how futile and destructive their devotion to mindless political correctness is, and they will finally let it go and get back to being a real party again. So far, supporters of Barack Obama are still crying "racism" for virtually all criticisms of him, and the supporters of Clinton are still crying "sexism" for criticisms of her.

What this shows is that political correctness still has too strong a hold on the party, and that it still needs to be burned off. Thus, the solution is to keep at this primary season until even the Baracks and Hillarys can see that mindless political correctness is destroying the party. We might not get another opportunity like this to force the Democrats to see what PC is doing to the party.

And thus, I say, "Go, Hillary, Go!"

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