Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Howard Dean: "Git 'er done!"

Howard Dean, party chair of the Democratic Party, wants either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race once the primaries are over. I say that this needs to play out like it's supposed to. Let the process settle this like it's supposed to.

Thing is, the Dems made the "superdelegate" system PRECISELY to settle issues like this. That the two candidates happen to both be representatives of the classic Democratic "victim's group" makes this all the more interesting, because the superdelegates are in the painful position of having to decide who gets the nod and who gets left behind.

What we have, then, is a classic case of one being hoisted by one's petard. The only way that this could have been set up any better is by having been written that way! To me, that's proof enough that there is a God! :-D

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