Thursday, February 04, 2010

New link to a blog

If you will notice, I have a new link to a blogger that I know. Meet Chris Manno, airline pilot and blogger, and his blog is called Jethead's Blog.

I first met the guy back when we both were "community columnists" in 2005 for our local city paper, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

He's an excellent writer, and a bit crazy, but I guarantee you'll like his stuff.

If you see him piloting your flight, tell him I said "Hi!"


Anonymous said...

Found you via Jethead (just another Flight Attendant in need of entertainment led me to him...) and REALLY like what I'm reading here. I'll be back :)

John P. Araujo said...

Well, thank you! I'm a bit rusty having been away for longer than I expected, but I hope to get my bloglegs back really quick.