Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sarah Palin and the "Tea Party" movement

I used both Sarah Palin and the movement referred to as the "Tea Party" movement (TPM) in my subject line, but I'm not necessarily saying that they are related to each other. Mainly, I'm keeping an eye on them because of the responses they get from the Democrats.

The Democratic Party likes to pride itself as the "Party of the little people", so given that Palin and the TPM have largely a populist appeal, they should be getting along like two peas in an iPod. Rather, the opposite seems to be true.

What I especially find troubling is the reactions from the Democrats, sometimes using childish insults like calling the Tea Party members "Tea Baggers" (if you don't get it, "tea-bagging" is a reference to a sexual act involving male body parts. You'll just have to use your imagination. I actually had to look this up!). Given that the Dems consider themselves to be the enlightened and intellectual party, it's a bit odd for them to resort to juvenile insults more suited to junior high than for the "marketplace of ideas".

It's because of this odd reaction that I have been keeping an eye on the TPM, and Sarah Palin for that matter. They are connected in some way, and I think that we are in for a treat in the coming months leading up to November when the mid-term elections occur. Well, it's a treat at least from a "political pundit's" (which is what my brother calls me) point of view.

Consider this: The Dems consider former president George W. Bush as a complete idiot, and yet somehow, this moron managed to keep tricking and fooling them into doing all kinds of things time and time again, in a sort of "Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd" kind of way. If a complete dumbass like Bush can keep pulling the wool over the eyes of the Dems, what does that suggest about the Dems' intellectual level?

And now we have Sarah Palin and the TPM seeming to be doing the same thing all over again to the Dems; and very much to their annoyance. The Dems don't seem to be connecting to the people they claim to be the party of, and they don't know why. They don't get it. They're missing something, and they don't know what it is. So they respond in the completely logical and responsible way by using name-calling and insults.

The answer is staring them in the face, and this "political pundit" finds it an endless source of entertainment watching the Dems trip all over themselves denying the obvious. I would point it out, but why should I? I need something to keep blogging about from now until November!

Don't think that I'm excusing the GOP here. A bigger bunch of cowards you'll never find. I'll discuss them more in another blog entry. I'm only starting with the Dems because I used to be such a supporter until they went nutzo on me, and I have been so let down by them ever since.

"Hope and Change"? Not so much, it seems. More same-o, I think.

More to come, folks! Sit tight and enjoy the ride!

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