Friday, February 26, 2010

The Dems are headed down the path of insanity

So now we know how important the passage of the Democrats' health care bill is to them: It means EVERYTHING. No matter the cost, whether fiscal or political, all that matters is that it passes, even if the Dems have to skip steps and take shortcuts to get there.

What Obama wants to get through is not even the bill that was debated on; it's his own creation, and they seem to be patting themselves on the back for having thought up a means of getting past the fact that they no longer have the 60 votes needed to make it filibuster proof.

This desperation to get it through truly scares me. Their desperation is all the more reason to see it killed. Anyone who knows anything about the signs that you're being conned can smell something wrong from a mile away. The more a con man pushes a certain product, the more suspicious anyone should be, and this has been pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed despite all the problematic aspects of this bill that keeps being pointed out even by other Democrats.

The Dem leadership has of late been trying to color the GOP as the "party of no", but the GOP until last month did not have the votes to stop the Dems had they all wanted this bill passed, but it did not go through because it was the Dems themselves that held it up. Now with this alleged health care "summit" (which was actually one last chance for the GOP to do things their way) out of the way, we saw the Dems' true colors: It's still their bill in their form that they want passed, and now they're going to go with this option that needs only 50% of the Congress rather than 60%.

It's my sincere hope that, just as Dems held up the bill getting through when they had 60 votes, that they will continue to hold it up even when needing only 50 votes. I'm hoping that enough Democrats will finally find the strength of character and the sense of right and wrong to say "Enough!" So far, it's be a sad and sick display of party loyalty at all costs despite the fact that many Dems have problems with this bill.

Many Americans want health care reform, but not in the form of THIS bill. THIS bill needs to die and the process of reform to start over. But no, THIS bill is all that the Dems will accept, and it's THIS bill that needs to go through no matter what. Someone stands to gain probably both in power and in dollars with the passage of THIS bill, and it's why the Dems are fighting so hard, so determinedly, and so illogically to get it through.

Whoever is pulling their strings must really have something on so many of the Democrats, because the Dems are pursuing this with a madman's sense of priorities. Con games should not be rewarded. Blind and slavish party loyalty should not be rewarded. Madness should not be rewarded. THIS bill needs to die, and die quickly.

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