Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do or die for the Democrats? More like Do AND Die

There is a saying that the definition of insanity is to repeatedly do the same failed thing and expecting a different result each time. That is what we have currently with the Democrats and their latest scheme to pass their enormously unpopular health care "reform" bill. This time around, they're trying to slip this by as having been "deemed" passed without actually having voted on it. This is to get around having to be on record as voting for the bill in one way or the other. If they go this route, this will demonstrate a staggering level of cowardice the likes of which hasn't been seen - well, for a very long time.

Politicians are not known for bravery - their whole purpose in life is to get re-elected, and they get re-elected by having as little as possible on their record that might trip up their re-election chances. Such motivations encourage cowardice in times like now - but this latest legal maneuver would demonstrate a level of cowardice that is surprising even for them. The Dems keep trying to blame the GOP, but this needs to be repeated: If the Dems really wanted this bill passed, they could have done this themselves a long time ago without any GOP interference. The fact that it hasn't been passed now is because of inter-party interference, not GOP interference.

Some time back, I had expressed my dissatisfaction - no, disgust - with the current Democratic Party. Whatever they had been in the past that was worth supporting has long gone, and the current party leadership has demonstrated an embarrassing level of cluelessness and arrogance; so much so that I had hoped that the party would implode so that it might start over. I had taken that back because I knew that there were still a few Dems fighting the good fight, but in recent months, I have given up that hope. The current Dem leadership, of which I regard Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the worst of the bunch, demonstrates a level of blind, naked greed and ambition that is willing to sacrifice its own party members to get their will done - no matter what the cost to their party or individual party members.

Failure to pass this bill would probably be the second best thing to happen. This would at least allow time for the Dems running for re-election this year to scrub themselves clean of this whole health care "reform" mess before November runs around. If the bill does pass - especially in this current " 'deeming' it passed without actually voting on it" scheme, then the best thing to happen would be for the party to implode and the whole sorry rabble to be voted out of office. Then the Democrats that remain would have the choice to either clean their act up, or to simply dissolve as a party. This whole mess is occurring because of a few blind individuals, and their shameless greed should not be rewarded.

Let me also repeat here that this is NOT to say that I am opposed to health care reform. This is also not to say that I favor the current status quo. I am indeed in favor of changing some things. However, the problem with the current Democratic leadership is that they are insistent that their version of health care "reform" is the ONLY way to get it done. Their repeated insistence on getting it passed with their version to the exclusion of all others is all the more reason to oppose it, because the more nutzo schemes they keep coming up with to pass it, the more suspicious the rest of us should get - especially the rank-and-file party members whose own re-election chances are on the line. How did the Dems get themselves into such a sorry mess in the first place?

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