Monday, March 22, 2010

Pro-life Democrats: The "Democrat" comes first

Just so you know, I had practically no faith that the pro-life Democrats would hold out when the chips were down on the health care "reform" debate. I also have ZERO faith that President Obama will come through with his executive order that is supposed to ensure that existing limits on federal funding will remain in place. Obama promised a lot of other things that he ended up not doing, remember? (We're still in Iraq, right? Gitmo is still open, right? Among other things.)

While I may not necessarily agree with having "baby killer" shouted at Rep. Bart Stupak when he was placing his vote, no doubt if he is a pro-lifer worth any salt, it will have hurt to some extent, and his vote will come back to him when (with a heavy emphasis on "when") he finds out that Obama not only did not come through, he actually expanded funding of abortions - if not outright get rid of any limitations to the funding of abortions.

The pro-life Democrats were the last hope that the Democratic Party would have a revival to get back to their blue-collar working class roots (and anyone who believes that the Dems are still such a party is blind beyond belief), and now that hope is officially dashed. The Democrats have no more heroes, folks - only sellouts. We will have to look for our heroes elsewhere.

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