Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cool item for the cool uncle

The link above is a cool item for the cool uncle.  My nephews, ages 8 and 6, love light sabres.  How much cooler would Uncle John be with this light sabre?  Why, with this, I can attain the most coveted title in all of uncledom:  the UberUncle.  An uncle can dream, can't he?  ;-)
Sure, it's $100, but I've seen it at the local Borders Book Stores, and it is indeed cool!  The blade is fixed, and looks like it's made with a type of glass (but it's not glass).  And when you turn it on, the color of the blade slides from the hilt up to the tip just like the movie.  And of course, when you turn it off, the color slides back down from the tip back to the hilt.  Plus, it also plays the expected sound effects from the movie (well, heck, if the cheaper versions of the light sabres can provide the sound effects, then these $100 light sabres darn well better play them, too!)
You will notice, though, that if you scroll down just a little bit, you will see their suggestion about buying two together.  Well, the price for two together is no different than from purchasing them separately!  That ain't a quantity discount.  \:-( 
I only need one anyway.  :-D

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