Wednesday, April 12, 2006

One of the perils of the Internet Age

Yesterday at TCU, we had an example of one of the perils of living in the Internet Age.  One e-mail sent on campus somehow managed to have bulk addresses that ended up going to everyone –faculty, staff, and students –that had a TCU e-mail account.  Some jokers took this mistake as their 15 minutes of fame to a largely unwilling audience by writing their inane comments, then hitting “Reply to All”  It got so bad that I received at least 50 e-mails related to this mistake, including some that said “Stop Replying to this e-mail!”  Those e-mails begging us to stop were, of course, sent “Reply to All.”  Fortunately, it seems to have subsided, and it never rose higher than a nuisance.  However, it emphasizes all the more about the need to be careful when sending e-mail and using “Reply to All”:  There may be more “All” looking at your e-mail than you intended.

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Ashley said...

You have to admit, it's a great joke, even if it is annoying. :-)