Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Abortion counseling article

In this article is the following paragraph:

"Care Net, an umbrella group for evangelical pregnancy centers across the country, instructs its affiliates to tell callers there is a possibility that abortion can lead to greater risk of breast cancer, according to Molly Ford, an official with the organization. She said there have been several studies that say it does, and several that say it doesn't." (emphasis mine)

I have highlighted the sentence above to point out a common problem in the abortion debate. Each side can provide studies that back up their point of view even though, logically, they can't both be right. But both sides' scientists are going to say that they have scientific research to back them up, and of course, we all know that science deals only with facts, and fact can't be disputed.

However, what is a woman with a problem pregnancy to do when each side says that they're right? This suggests, then, that one side is lying, and that they are purposefully obfuscating the issue so as to benefit themselves rather than the woman that they are allegedly trying to help. So, which side is doing that? Who benefits from lying to a pregnant woman about the chances of getting breast cancer from having an abortion?

I'm going to let that question sit for a couple of days before I answer that, so that I can let some of you ponder it. Then we'll see if you agree with my response when I post it later.

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