Monday, July 17, 2006

Women running - in stilettos!

Nope, these are not scenes from a horror flick in which the girl wears something totally inappropriate for running away from the bad guy or monster, and ends up tripping at the wrong time. These are actual races of women racing while wearing stiletto shoes.

Here is a race in Moscow, Russia.

And here is a race in Warsaw, Poland.

While I think the idea certainly has a drawing appeal, I gotta wonder about the safety of women running in such high heel shoes! I wonder how many ankles got twisted at those events? Granted, no one is making these women run in these races, but still...! And you'll notice in these pics that some women are fashionably dressed up for these races. That must have been an interesting sight to see. Hmm. I wonder what's next -- swimming in stilettos? I better not say that too loudly, or they just might take me up on it!

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