Friday, July 07, 2006

Unuzuel speling

Today is "Freaky Friday!" On Fridays, I shall post a news article on an unusual topic --hence the name, "Freaky Friday". ;-)

Heer' an artikul on making it eezier tu spel wurds in the English lainguige.

Just to illustrate a point, the article alternates between correct spelling, and spelling in words that is supposed to make the words easier to spell.

Houevur, theez "alturnut speling" wurds aktuallie make it hardur to reed then wen wurds r speld curektlee.

Plus, I don't doubt that-- even if these "alternate spelling" words are adopted-- some years down the road, even those new words will be too hard to spell for future generations. Then they'll try to simplify words that have already been simplified. I think it's best to leave well enough alone. If someone's too lazy to spell correctly, then I don't see why the rest of us have to accomodate lazy f0lks just so that they can feel better about themselves. Plus, with those who have genuine reading difficulties, will these "alternate spelling" words help them overcome their reading difficulties, or will it make their problem worse? I say the latter.

Bai thuh wai, trie tu spel in alturnut speling. It'z nott eezie tu du! It took me longur to rite this sentencuh than it took tu rite thuh paragraf abuv it!

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