Sunday, July 02, 2006

Before I leave San Antonio, Texas....

I had to do one blog entry before I left San Antonio, Texas.

Folks, SA is a great city. There's lots to see. And it's SO big. It's grown considerably (and that's really an understatement) since the last time I was here. I had to think about when that was, and it was the early 90's-- so it was over 10 years ago!

What I noticed right away about downtown SA is the number of high-rise hotels that have cropped up like weeds since the last time I was here. That reflects how much SA has grown since then. My friend (whose wedding I was in town for) told me that SA is the nation's 7th largest city, and that it has surpassed Dallas. That, I didn't know, and it surprised me.

There's more that I can talk about, but I've got to get packing now. However, I will be talking more about my trip to SA over the next couple of weeks, as well as show pictures (one of the wonderful things about blogs). There's other things that I can bring up that truly deserve their own entries rather than all be lumped together into one entry --which is why I decided to just spread them out.

In summary, I greatly enjoyed my time here, and the wedding was fantastic, and I was honored to not just be AT the wedding, but to be IN it. Brenda and Tim, thank you very much for having me there on your special day. May God guide you both in your journey together. And have fun in California!

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