Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm being followed

Whenever I go to my local mall to look up a certain store, I notice that every time, the mall map has an arrow pointing to my exact location and says "You Are Here." And you know what? It's right!

Okay, here's the thing, though. When I go to another directory in another part of the mall, I'll look at the directory again - but guess what? It's still marking my exact location! The arrow is there again, pointing to my new location with the same, big bold letters, "You Are Here."

This can mean only one thing: I'm being followed.

You think I'm crazy, don't you? Well, how do you explain when I go to the lower level and check the directories there, and the arrow is still pointing out my new location with the same bold letters, "You Are Here"?

That's not the only thing, man. Whenever I go to other directories in other parts of the city, that same arrow is still pointing to my exact location, with the same "You Are Here." Oh! And when I was in San Antonio at the airport, I checked out the directory there.

You guessed it! "You Are Here"!

I have no idea why someone has such an interest in me that they need to keep up with my location at all times, but it has me looking over my shoulder...

Watch yourselves, dudes and dudettes. Big Brother is watching you.

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