Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lieberman leads in new polls

This article reports that Joe Lieberman is leading Ned Lamont in the most recent polls in Connecticut. Not being from Connecticut, I hadn't given thought to how the rest of the state would respond to Lieberman's candidacy. I had hoped that Lieberman would win, but I hadn't considered his chances of actually winning. Based on what's being said in this article, Lieberman actually has a pretty good chance.

The Democrats will not see the errors of their ways, of course - and if Lieberman wins, they won't congratulate him on a hard fought race; mostly likely, they'll simply brand him a traitor. Which will show once again that the Democratic party of the past is dead and gone and has been replaced with a cadre of hard left power mongers and their panting sycophants. If I hadn't lost faith in political parties a long time ago, then I'd be disappointed by the Dems' behavior in recent years.

I wish I knew what alternative I could present to counter the cliqueishness of political parties, but they look like they're going to be a part of our political system for some time to come. Perhaps those bloggers that helped Ned Lamont win the Democratic primary have some answers to that, seeing as how they had the power to affect elections. Okay, since I'm a blogger myself, I'll see what I can do to affect that kind of needed change. ;-)

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