Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fantasy Rec Room update

Hey, folks! I'm back, and I'm better. I'll spare you the details other than to say that I had something that disagreed with me. Anyway, this Weekend Wrap-up is going to be an update on the responses that I got for my Fantasy Rec Room, and boy, did you folks have ideas!

Attached below are some of your responses (in italics blue), followed by my reactions (in black):

* Loved additions--the blown up pix of Nolan Ryan bleeding from the cut on his lip, and The Jimster in Cow gear celebrating that first Super Bowl....

Here is one such pic of Big Tex (aka Nolan Ryan) with blood on his shirt. Here is another that I really like, when Robin Ventura rushed him on the mound, and Tex took him in a headlock and took to pounding his face. It was cool. And every game after that in which Ventura came to Arlington (Texas, that is), he was booed every at bat - even though it was years after the fact.

* Not bad, but you forgot the chest-sized humidor, the chilled-tequila tap and the 200 inch HD projector with Sunday NFL ticket. Oh, wait, that will be MY rec rom….

I may have to look at this guy's rec room so that I can get further ideas. Sounds like quite a set-up. I wonder if he ever leaves his room?

* You forgot this -

I did mention pinball machines, but I didn't have a link to a site. Much obliged. :-)

* That was good. if you didn't mention some large flat screen tvs, I would definitely add about 2 or 3. Need to have several to monitor several games at once. Of course, you need the surround sound system with a large enough subwoofer to generate "mondo bass". The universal remote that controls everything is a must as well as a couch or several recliners for viewing this stuff. For the pool tables you need the light fixtures that hang over them. Oh, and if you want to complete the media room, the big screens should have the ability to be switched to a computer with internet access to look up stats on players and teams during the game. Don't forget video game systems for the time between games. Maybe a console of each major system to suit all the possibilities out there. Finally, if you didn't mention them, you need a refrigerator and microwave for the drinks and snacks.

Whenever I start setting up my rec room, this guy is SO hired to help with the set-up!

* You forgot the Pink Floyd poster and a black light.

* If you have any room add some music equipment. Maybe a few 350w guitar amps, a couple of gibsons, and a DW Drum kit.

* Let's not forget the dice, indoor shuffleboard and perhaps indoor washers!

* Are you going to have a bar with leather covered padding on the front and a big mirror on the wall in behind it? Oh and you need a disco ball. Song suggestions: Great Balls of Fire, Chantilly Lace (I think that's what it's called), Lollipop

* Don't forget a top of the line air hockey table.

* How about a couple of one armed bandits??? (slot machines) and a pachinko machine. The decor could be enhanced with a bear skin on the wall

* Don't forget some classic video games, like "Space Invaders", "Asteroids", and "Pac Man".

All excellent ideas. The disco ball is cool especially for New Year's Eve. Other songs that I thought of are songs by Bruce Springsteen - especially Born in the USA, and songs by Billy Joel. Some Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin songs are cool, too.

* John... I think you're going to have to build a house that's just a rec room.

You know, you're right. I'll just have to make a rec hall! Maybe I can have a mezzanine floor where all the arcade machines, pinball machines, air hockey, darts, and foozball table can go.

* Let me be the first to donate to the cause... but I really could donate a few shot glasses from my collection!

You know, a shotglass collection would be pretty cool, especially since so many of us travel to so many other parts of the country and the world.

* Where is the hot tub?

Uh, I guess in the back yard, with the outdoor grill and patio.

* Bravo, John! And yes, the BBQ grill/patio is a must!

Thank you. :-D

* I'll contribute my collection of Carlos n' Charlies and Cabo Wabo swag but only if Sammy Hagar tunes are added to the mix.

It's a deal! Mr. DJ, please add "I can't drive 55" to the music mix...

*That I would like a movie screen kind of tv/dvd thing.. Leather chairs... a small kitchen for making snacks... and a library of old movies........ and old movie flyers/posters for the walls........ ahhhhhhhhhhh that's just thing for me...

* Well, considering how much I love movies, my ideal "rec room" would actually be one of those Ultimate Home Theaters with padded seats, and a big screen on one wall. Of course front and center where one such seat would ordinarily be, I'd just have a space to park my wheelchair . I'd have a DVD projector, and surround sound speakers built into the walls.

* (My question: Do those hi-def TV projectors work outside? In other words, could I have a nighttime movie party outside? Just wondering. That would be cool if it would work.) Yes the projectors work outside, but you also need one of these:

Since the "home theater" idea was mentioned by several respondents, then I definitely need to work in a means of playing movies in this rec hall of mine. An inside set-up of course, but I also like the idea of an outside nighttime set-up as well. That would remind me of the old drive-in movie theaters. Man, I haven't been to one of those in ages.

Well, as you can see, folks - there's several good ideas here, all of which makes me want to make this rec hall even more. Now if only I could win the lotto...

Thanks for dreaming with me, folks! It's been great! If I ever do get this set up, you're all invited to check it out! :-D

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