Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saddam's hanging "deplorable"

I found the statements at the start of this article a bit odd. Here's what it says:

"LONDON (Reuters) - British finance minister Gordon Brown has condemned the way Saddam Hussein was hanged as "deplorable" -- in contrast to British Prime Minister Tony Blair who has yet to comment in person on the execution. "

Not to sound flippant, but - is there GOOD way to be hanged? Isn't the condemned person just as dead whether he was hanged in a deplorable way or not? It seems irrelevant to be discussing how an execution took place, given that the end result is still the same. I shall be commenting further later this week on Saddam's execution and the images of his hanging that were later posted on the Internet. There's a point from that which connects to my earlier blog entry about "legalized barbarity".

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