Thursday, January 04, 2007

My fantasy Rec room

One day, I hope to have the following Rec room:

First, it's going to have wood paneling. Gotta have that. It also has to be large enough to hold the following: A pool table, a table soccer game, a pinball machine, a bar, and a large screen TV. It also needs to have a dartboard - and maybe two. Of course, there will be stools and mismatched furniture as well as one of those large industrial spools to use as a table for poker or other card games. If possible, I'd also like to have a moose head and a cigar store Indian. Oh yeah, and I'll need playing cards, perhaps several decks. On the walls will be various neon signs of beer labels.

And of course, the cheesy black velvet paintings. One painting that is a must is the classic "Dogs playing poker." Another is of Elvis. Gotta have the King. There's even a site to buy them. Check this out. Other possibilities are black velvet paintings of Aztecs, Pancho Villa or other types of bandidos, and of Emmett Kelly. How's it looking so far, you think?

Something else needed are photos of Humphrey Bogart and Jimmy Dean blown up to poster size. Along with them is this colored photo of Curly Howard. Added to all that is a standing cardboard cutout of Marilyn Monroe in that scene from Seven Year Itch.

The room also needs movie posters. Casablanca is a must. So is the original movie poster of the 1977 Star Wars.

Ah, and a jukebox. It doesn't have to be one that plays actual records (for those of you who were born post-records, records looked like this ), but one that can play digital music. As for the songs that need to be on it, well, here's a short list:

* Louie Louie by the Kingsmen
* Jailhouse Rock by Elvis
* Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry

Others will be added as I think of them.

Anyway, this is a start. I'm open to your suggestions as to what else can go in my fantasy Rec room. Who knows? One day, maybe I'll actually build it. :-)


Anonymous said...

You forgot this -

Anonymous said...

You forgot the Pink Floyd poster and a black light.