Sunday, January 21, 2007

Time to get caught up!

Sorry that it's been a week since I posted, folks, but being sick put me behind on stuff that I needed to do. Also, Texas had some icy weather that kept me at home and put me further behind. But now I am reasonably caught up, I shall just do a mini-Weekend Wrap-up to get me up to snuff on recent goings-on in the news. I'll just hit the ground running here, so try to keep up, okay?

First, the one entry that I was close to posting last week was one that was going to be on the execution of Saddam Hussein. However, in the process of writing it, that particular entry became more of a commentary on the media, and it kinda changed the focus of it. So thus, I'm revamping it so that it's more of a column instead of a blog entry. I hope to have that done and posted this week.

Next, on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I don't think either candidate is "winnable" for the Dems. The reason is thus: Hillary has too much "baggage" while Obama doesn't have enough. Also, both will provide field days for the Limbaughs and Hannitys of the world, so I think it's best to run with someone else. I suggest Joe Lieberman. Since Lieberman is pro-choice on abortion, I likely wouldn't vote for him unless the GOP have someone even worse, but Lieberman would be harder for the Rushes and Seans to argue over, because he's such a likeable guy.

As for whom among the GOP should be selected for '08, I'm still working on that one. I think Dr. Condolezza Rice would be a good choice, although I wouldn't vote for her because she's also iffy on the abortion issue - but she'd be hard for the Dems to overly criticize because she's a successful black woman. If it does indeed come down to Rice and Lieberman, I'd probably have to vote for a 3rd party, but I would definitely be paying attention to such a ticket.

A quick note on my “Journey to Nerdville”: In the past two years, I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my journey to hi-tech Nirvana. The main acquisition has been my laptop PC with a wireless set-up. Being connected to the Internet without actually being connected to anything is just cool beyond words. I feel like I’m on Star Trek’s Enterprise or something.

The next coolest is my cellphone. I had been hesitant to get a phone because I’m hard of hearing and the phones that I’ve listened to have been hard for me to hear with. But thanks to an aunt who works for the phone company, I’ve got one to “test drive” with. It’s a basic model with nothing fancy - no camera phone or text messaging, but I don’t need that stuff anyway. I don’t know how long I have this one to “test drive”, but once I change over to a new phone, I’d like to try one with more features. Maybe something akin to the Blackberrys.

After that is my digital camera. Before my digicam, I had used film cameras all these years. But now that I’ve been using a digicam, I don’t think I’ll ever go back. It’s that cool. I especially love being able to reshoot pics and deleting them until you get it right. No film wasted!

My next cool gadget will either be a new desktop PC with a bunch of whizbang stuff, or a fancier digicam that has a lot of the features that the film SLR cameras have. Either one is roughly in the same neighborhood as far as price, and I don’t know which one I want more.

And now, some quick words on sports. Even though Dallas Cowboys’ QB Tony Romo bobbled that hold on that last game, I still think he should be the starter next year. I think, though, that it’s probably time for head coach Bill Parcells to go. It’s definitely time for Terrell Owens to go. I’d like the owner Jerry Jones to go as well. Maybe Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban can buy the team instead?

Speaking of the Mavs, they have really shifted gears after starting the season 0-4. Now they have the best record in the league. But things aren’t going to be all fine and dandy until they win a championship. I believe that the coach Avery Johnson will get them back there, especially now that he got a taste of the championship.

Okay folks – that gets me caught up somewhat. I’ll try to not go another week without posting again. Just pray that I don’t get sick like that again. I hate being sick. It reminds me that I’m not immortal, and I don’t like those kinds of reminders of my mortality. It must be a guy thing.

Have a great week, folks!

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