Thursday, May 10, 2007

Baby boomer - later generation dictionary

For this blog entry, I am going to try to serve the public good by helping foster cross-generational dialogue. Back in the day when I still was young and dumb, we used to use phrases like "cool" and "dig it" and "groovy". Nowadays young'uns still use "cool" in basically the same context as the older folks did, but the other slang has changed considerably.

Therefore, I think it would be a help to learn each other's slang so that we can speak to each other in each other's slang.

For example, what we used to call a "pad" is now a "crib". There's other examples as well, of course. I've posted this cross-generational dictionary idea on a site that I frequently post, because there is a mix of ages there. When some terms become available, I'll add then to my cross-generational dictionary and post them here. Maybe later I can see about having a website for it, as well as a translator. Wouldn't that be cool? :-)

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