Monday, May 14, 2007

Elementary school stages fake gunman attack

Did you ever wonder why today's kids don't seem to be learning much in school? Maybe it's because of the poor quality of teachers. This story relates how an elementary school staged a fake gunman attack as a means of preparing children should the real thing occur.

The thing was, no one other than the teachers and the assistant vice principal planning it knew that it was going to happen. The parents weren't informed, and even the principal only found out about it later, who stated that those involved exercised "poor judgment."

Only two words come to mind in response: "YOU THINK???"

In this day and age of a lawsuit happy society, such stupidity only encourages such lawsuits. I read the article again, and I still can't believe that the planners thought that this would be a good idea. Be sure to watch the video clip in the article.

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