Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up: Odd News Weekend

The more observant of you have noticed the link that I have to Yahoo! News (as well as Google News). Well, if you click on that page and scroll down, you see a section called "Odd News". I like to read that section once in a while because of some of the stories that are on it. Being a rather odd person myself, I find it comforting to know that I am not alone in my - uniqueness. So this Weekend Wrap-up is going to be Odd News Weekend. Maybe I'll do more at other times. :-D

Too-doting a Mom aids son in jewelry heist
A German mother was so concerned about her son who was about to rob a jewelry store that she drove him there as he did the robbery. I know mothers are supposed to help their children and all, but couldn't she have instead persuaded him not to do this? That's being just a little too doting, I think. By the way, she's also spending time in the slammer now. How is she going to help her son now?

1,000 pregnant women gather together
In South Africa, 1,000 pregnant women gathered together to set the record for the largest single gathering of pregnant women in one location. Had I been the organizer of that event, I would worry to death that one woman would go into labor and start a chain reaction. THEN what are you gonna do? Set the record for most number of births in one location, I guess. Then you got a two-for-one thing going in regards to records being set. And I betcha that no one there would ever forget that day. No one went into labor, though, and the record was set. I wish a picture had been posted in that article. I am curious to see what a bunch of women with round bellies looks like all gathered together.

Dancing fools set a record as well
It must have been the week for setting records. In Eastern Europe, cities participated in a coordinated effort to all dance at the same time so as to break the old record of largest number of dancers at one time. It's a good thing that these dancers didn't dance around the pregnant women in the story above, or they might have set off that labor chain reaction that I also mentioned above.

Sale of house comes with previous owner
In Madrid, a bank sold a repossessed house complete with the mummified corpse of the previous owner. Gross! Apparently, the bank never checked the house once the previous owner stopped making payments. They couldn't at least call?

Sequel to "Snakes on a Plane"?
The sequel to the movie, "Snakes on a Plane" could very be "Snakes in the Mail." This gives the phrase "You've got Mail!" a whole new meaning. Now I'm afraid to open my mail...

"Get out and push!"
I have helped to push cars that have stalled, but train passengers in India have gone one better: They all got out and pushed their train until it was able to reconnect with a power rail. Heck, if this had happened in Texas, all the dudes with pick-up trucks (which is nearly everybody) woulda just hitched all their vehicles to the train to give it a push!

That's all for today, but now I'll be more vigilant about saving more of these odd news bits for a future episode of the Odd News Weekend of the Weekend Wrap-up.

Have a great week, folks!

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