Monday, October 01, 2007

Editorial statement for October 2007: My independent views (posted over the course of the month).

In August, I posted my liberal views. Last month, I posted my conservative views. This month, I post the views that are neither liberal or conservative. But first, understand one thing before I continue: Just because the views below are neither liberal or conservative, don't assume that they are moderate. In other words, my views below are NOT "middle of the road". I rarely sit on the fence, because I view holding a moderate view as a way of not answering the question. It's like saying "Neither, and both."

Don't get me wrong - if you are just studying an issue, then it's quite natural to "wait and see" before you come to a decision on a certain issue. However, if you're permanently "waiting and seeing", then you're just avoiding making a decision so as to not make the wrong one. However, not making a decision is the same thing as not voting during an election. It's said that when you don't vote, that counts as a vote for the guy that you don't want in office. I would respect a rabid left or right winger who is consistent in their views rather than someone who was "trying to be open-minded" so as to not make a stand.

I just wanted to make sure that you don't view my views below as "moderate". Calling me a moderate offends me, so don't call me that! I'd rather you call me a liberal or conservative - or, my preference, an "independent". Okay, I've said enough about this. :-)

* Euthanasia

I am totally opposed to legalizing euthanasia. I think that opposition to euthanasia should be a liberal view, but liberals seem to be favoring it as a "right to die". Conservatives haven't gotten totally on board in opposing it yet, and any opposition is largely because liberals favor it. In other words, it's largely lip service - just like their opposition to legalized abortion.

* Immigration

I am for securing our borders, but against making English the official language of the U.S. I think that those who are here illegally should get that taken care of. I think that the U.S. should make a one-time offer to illegal immigrants that, if they turn themselves in, then they'll be allowed to stay so long as they start the process to becoming legal right then and there. And they must stay on the path to legalization until they finish. I am against blanket amnesty because that's not fair to those who have been going through the process of becoming citizens the right way.

The illegal immigrants should also become legal because their employers are taking advantage of them by vastly underpaying them. Why otherwise would employers risk hiring groups of people that are here illegally? In the long run, when the Dems and other like-minded people try to get illegal immigrants the kinds of rights that the rest of us enjoy, they're only hurting the very people that they claim to want to help. In truth, the Dems are only out for the short-term gains, and if it ever became an albatross to try to help illegal immigrants, then the Dems would drop them like a rock. Thus, the illegal immigrants are victimized twice.

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