Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tony Romo does it again!

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has done it again! I can't think of anyone else who was further in the jaws of defeat as Romo was, and still managed to snatch victory away like that. As a writer, it's my job to come up with words to describe ideas and concepts; and yet, I'm at a loss to explain Tony Romo style football. Therefore, I have appealed to a higher authority on such sports matters. I have appealed to none other than Mr. Fair and Biased, Randy Galloway. Below is my e-mail to him:

"Mr. Galloway,

You are urgently needed to come up with a term to describe the kind of football that Tony Romo plays. I come to you because of your creativity for coming up for names like this. I cite your previous efforts, such as Deion "Nine Toes" Sanders, Shaquille "Tormented Toe" O'Neal, and the recent "El Dorado" Owens. And of course, who can forget "hoodoo voodoo" to explain why things go wrong.

So now you must come up with a term for Romo-style football. Who else can take a badly bobbled snap and make it a 4 yard gain AND a 1st down? Who else can have 6 TOs and still win the game? It's a sort of reverse "hoodoo voodoo" when you think about it. Don't get me wrong - I'm glad we're winning, but I don't know how much my heart can take! ;-)

Anyway, I hope you come up with a good "Randy-ism" to explain Romo-style football. "

If he replies and if he offers his term, I'll let you good folks know about it.

The game with the New England Patriots this Sunday is likely going to be a huge ratings draw. I wonder what else Tony Romo is going to come up with?

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