Friday, October 12, 2007

Texas Tech's Michael Vick shirts cause controversy

Texas Tech university suddenly found itself in the national spotlight over some Michael Vick shirts that one of its fraternities was selling. The shirt was supposed to be for TT's upcoming game against Texas A&M. A&M has a cheer of "Gig 'em", so the shirt saying "Vick 'em" was a play of words on that cheer. On the back was a silhouette of Vick holding up the A&M mascot by a noose (as shown below).

As expected, TT has ordered that the fraternity stop selling the shirt. By that time, 250 had been sold, and an offer has been made to replace free of charge the Vick shirt with another that says "Wreck 'em". So far, no one has taken up that offer. Know what they should have done? They should have offered to at least pay back what the buyers paid for the shirt.

Know why? Because the buyers know that they could probably get boo coos more bucks now that the shirt has gained notoriety. I checked e-Bay, and it was on sale there, but it's already been removed probably because of the notoriety. However, I bet it will go up again. While the shirt is certainly questionable in taste, e-Bay has had worse on sale on its site.

Michael Vick is probably going to have to put up with stuff like this for the rest of his life. I still don't understand why someone like him with all the money and fame and future success he had going for him would get involved in something like dog-fighting. Basically, he just threw away not just his career, but his personal reputation. I am very certain that other shirts and posters with similar content will be on the way. In other words, Vick should accept that this is probably only just the beginning...

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