Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Barack Obama's VP choices

Now it's officially official, and Barack Obama is finally the Democratic candidate for President. Next comes the question of whom he will select as his running mate. There's already an article on this offering possibilities.

The one most talked about is the "dream ticket" of Obama and Hillary Clinton. This no doubt is the one that Obama will most likely be pressured to take in order to keep too many of Hillary's supporters from walking off, who are angry over the turn of events. However, if I were Obama, I wouldn't worry a whole lot about it, because who would those walk-offs vote for? McCain - the prolife candidate? Sorry, I don't see it happening - especially if Obama makes a wise choice for VP.

And Hillary wouldn't be a wise choice. After Obama's talk about being about "change", to accept Hillary would be to say "All that talk about change? Never mind." Hillary, of all people, represents the very atmosphere that Obama says he wants to change. Nope, I think a better choice that would still be a "dream ticket" is Bill Richardson, who is Hispanic. A black and a Hispanic on the ticket would be another historic event.

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